June 17, 1923

I, Rebecca Greene, have decided to create a written record of this journey William and I are taking. It’s a most exciting adventure! And in many ways, it’s not too dissimilar to how he and I first met. I’ve never been one to take dreams too seriously, but there was one in particular I had the night before we met. It happened so long ago, I can hardly remember it, but Will was there, with many others. I just remember we walked from a beach inland to a chasm, and his piercing blue eyes looked into mine and we were on the edge of some precipice. He looked lovingly into my eyes and said, “We finally did it, my love!”
The next day I met Will. Sure, I played coy, but my excitement was hard to contain. It’s not every day the literal man of your dreams manifests in front of you. We were both on vacation in Maine, both visiting for our birthday (August 20th), and both brave and solo adventurers. We had met in a quaint little pub that doubled as a hotel.
Initially he said meeting me was a feeling a deja vu. He was charming enough, although physically not usually the type I fancy. But his blue eyes pulled me in and his smile gave me pleasant shivers, the kind that make you feel good down to your core. After he had a few more bourbons he confessed that he had seen me in a Dream the night before. I couldn’t help but admit, I, too, had a vision of him. When we each described our dreams and found them to be identical, after the initial shock, I couldn’t help but think our meeting was some divine intervention!
We spent the rest of the night talking, telling each other our entire life stories, and before we knew it, the sun had arisen. Unfortunately, he was due to return to New York that day. We kept in touch via letters and phone for six months. I believe it was the letters scented with my perfume that convinced him to move down to Arkham by the seventh. He is a banker, so he was able to transfer with his employer up here.

Oh! He’s calling for me now, saying our taxi will be here shortly. We’re to begin our voyage to Concepcion, Chile in a few hours where we will meet with the rest of the Order. And from there to an exciting little island called Point Nemo. Bon Voyage! 

June 22, 1923

We’ve landed on the British Virgin Islands, in a small port town called Anegada for supplies. The first few days at sea were rough. Will says I’m finally earning my sea legs, although he hasn’t fared much better. For summer weather, it’s been unusually cloudy and dare I say, cold. Even the wind and waves seemed to be pushing against. The captain, a man by the name of Mariano even says that were this not a steam boat, he would have canceled the journey.
An older gentleman, with grizzled hair yet soft features, Mariano reminds me of Elder Jonathan, the leader of our Order. Jonathan, a man of 63 years, is only a somewhat recent acquaintance of ours. We met him less than a year ago. He claims to be the first person in our Order to have had the Dream. He’s had them since he was a boy and it’s how he met Elder Ezekiel when they were in their teens and eventually the rest of the Order. William was one of the last people he met before finally closing the Order off to other potential members who had also had the Dream. When Will first told me about meeting someone else who had shared our Dream, I didn’t believe him. When he surprised me by having Elder Jonathan over that same night, I was furious! I had nothing prepared for company!
After scrambling to prepare the house and a meal with a guest, I was taken aback with how humble the Elder was. Something about his presence was soothing. I don’t think I saw him take a bite of my pot roast the whole time, but I didn’t mind. He spoke of the Dream and how he’d been using it to assemble people across the country for decades. People who sought to make the world a better place; to rid it of all the evils that had beset humanity. To make everyone and everything truly equal. He told me that he had seen what was at the bottom of that chasm. The Elder simply called it, “The Slumbering One”. 
He mentioned he saw Will meeting the Slumbering One in one of his Dreams. Will said he vaguely recalled this from his Dream the night before. I told them I hadn’t had the Dream since Will and I met and I don’t recall many details. The Elder replied simply replied, “Don’t worry my dear, you will in time. We all serve a purpose for Him.”

Will just came in, saying we’re going back out to sea, but first, dinner with Mariano at the captain’s table. I ask if he saw anything interesting while on land. He wasn’t quite sure, but he thought he saw the Slumbering One form in the clouds. How exciting!!!

July 7, 1923

Land ho!
The boat finally arrived in Concepcion, Chile. I didn’t think we would make it, but we finally did! When we rounded Cape Horn, the weather and water took a turn for the worse. There were storms for all but the last two days of the trip; waves that would almost capsize us, although Mariano assured me I was just exaggerating (even though I’m sure every single word I heard him speak in Spanish was a swear and all of the loose furniture on the ship flew from one end to the other). To be perfectly honest, I was scared for my life.
But just last night, I had the Dream! I saw dozens, if not hundreds of new faces, although I don’t recall any names. While it mostly played out the same as I recall from years ago, the ending had a little more to it, as I looked down and saw a pair of eyes staring back up from the darkness. Silver eyes, but glowed brightly in the darkness Was that the Slumbering One? Had we left our lovely Arkham for a giant creature? I’m starting to feel anxious. Did we make the right choice?

July 15, 1923

Over the last week or so, we’ve met an increasing number of people from the Order. Some traveled with their spouses, most traveled alone, poor souls. For the most part, they all seem like normal, well-adjusted individuals, and a seemingly even blend of men and women, which has helped restore my faith in this adventure. Somewhat, anyway.
There was one family of three that arrived yesterday. I thought it odd that they would bring a child. I’ve gathered that the other couples here don’t have children and the only other young people here are in their early twenties, while this child couldn’t be any more than ten! I politely went up to her parents and asked how their daughter felt about going on such a long and arduous journey at such a young age, to which they replied their young Caroline had also had the Dream and wanted to join. Simply looking at the girl for five seconds told me she had no desire to be here.
I wanted to press on, but they told me they were all tired and sought to rest. Not wanting to cause a scene, I excused them. When I turned around I was startled by Elder Jonathan who was right behind me. I swear he made zero sounds getting there, nor had I any idea how much of that conversation he’d heard.
“Don’t worry, my dear, we all serve a purpose for Him. Especially young Caroline.”
I asked him what he meant. I’ve been here for a week, I need something other than cryptic answers and vague words.
“My meanings will become clear soon enough, my dear, just be patient.”
We returned to our room shortly after, leaving the town square, which has become our unofficial welcome and social area. I can’t take much more of this.

July 16, 1923

I’m not sure why, but I feel content. I’ve had the Dream every night that I’ve been here, but last night there was more to it. There was a child. She was too far away to properly identify. From a distance, she may have been Caroline. I’m vainly trying to recall what happened in the rest of the dream to no avail.

Returning from breakfast. Caroline smiled at me today. She apologized and said she was just tired from the journey. She thinks my hair is pretty and can’t wait to be friends at Point Nemo. What a sweet girl. I told her we didn’t have to wait until we got to the island and her face lit up! Maybe the child from my Dream was Caroline. Regardless, the interaction has me feeling much better about this trip.
Tomorrow we board our last boat and make the 6 day trip to Point Nemo. 200 souls boarding for our final destination.

At dinner, Elder Jonathan told me he’s glad to see me in such high spirits and that I’ve bonded with young Caroline. I told him I was sorry to doubt the plans. He refused my apology, saying it wasn’t necessary. “Moments of doubt are what make us human.” I really like that line. Wasn’t sure he meant when he said “And we’ll rise above that soon enough.”

July 22, 1923

I have a dream about a city under the sea beneath the boat. It is most unusual. I could have sworn it was real and my consciousness was projected out of my body. Before my vision went into the depths, it was hovering above the boat. I could see Elder Jonathan standing at the bow in silence and the captain and first mate looking for stars.
Then I submerged at a rapid speed. For the longest time there was no light. Just an endless, terrifying void. Eventually there was a light in the deep. I was still descending. More lights appeared. As I got closer I could see they were fish and they were moving towards some floating structure. The shapes were of the most unusual and otherworldly geometry. I went deeper only to find a sprawling city scape of these unusual structures, going as far out as the eye could see.
In the heart of this city, there was a building that looked like a pyramid. I approached to see glowing letters in an ancient language I had never seen. Above the pyramid there was some kind of funnel? Or a tube? It went higher up than I could see. I wanted to get a closer look when I heard a loud rumbling behind me.
The manuscript that had been all over the pyramid was no longer glowing. The top half was moving off, with writhing tentacles emerging. Fear gripped me. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t! Silver eyes like I had seen from the Dream were peering out from the darkness, far larger than before. Was this the Slumbering One?!
It spoke. At first its voice was deep vibrations that broke me out of my paralytic fear. But the noise turned into a soothing yet deep voice.
“Help me! I’ve been imprisoned in the depths of R’lyeh. The devils run free while I am trapped. Set me free and receive your reward!”
Before I could reply, I was sent back up to the surface. To the start of the Dream! It played out as it always did, and this time I could see the child. She was a girl. With blue eyes!!! Will and I had always wanted a child but had no luck in the matter. Was this what he means when he says, “We finally did it,”?
I woke up and Will was fast asleep next to me. I wonder if he ever had the same part of the Dream? But I do finally feel as though this trip has a purpose.
I left to get some air. Elder Jonathan was still on the bow. He only said one sentence to me, but that was enough.
“Now you’ve seen what I have.”

July 23, 1923

The trip to Point Nemo was surprisingly pleasant compared to the earlier legs of our journey. The waters were calm, despite the wind and dark clouds that blocked out the sun most days.
WE FINALLY LANDED!!!! Will, the Historian, raced off the boat to kiss the sand, as he read that’s what sailors used to do. The land itself seemed quite pleasant to look at. Plenty of trees and open fields beyond that to start a new life. Of course we packed plenty of supplies on our barge for our initial set of homes. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but will also have divine purpose.

July 28, 1923

I’ve learned that everyone here has a birthday between mid July and August. A most unusual coincidence. I asked Elder Jonathan. He mentioned that the Slumbering One hails from a star we call Ancha, within the Aquarius constellation. Those of us born when Earth faces that star most directly are most sensitive to His Call.
At first I thought this was malarkey, but at this point, I’m not too sure what not to believe. My reality seems to be in a state of fluctuation. Between the Dream and the odd happenings of the island, I’m about ready to believe anything. Like, there were cows here. Cows! We brought chickens to raise, but cows in this massive number should not exist on such a small island. We slaughtered a few to feast and celebrate, but they didn’t taste… right. They had a kind of fishy taste to them. I mean, they were edible, but since when does beef taste like fish? And this morning there seemed to be more cows than there were on our first day!

July 30, 1923

Sunday. We skipped Church this week. I assumed we did last week because we literally didn’t have one. But now that most of the homes are built (rudimentary homes, but we’re working electricity). I figured someone would at least host. Elder John took the men into the woods today, Will included.

Caroline came by. We read some of the books I had brought from home. She was grateful, since she couldn’t read the books her father had. Not because she couldn’t read, but because they were all in a foreign language that her father was teaching her, but she had only memorized a few words.
I asked her what she wished for on this island. She said more kids to play with. I told her that Will and I were gonna try to help and bring more kids. She knew what I meant and said she couldn’t wait to be a big sister. I told her if our kid was half as good as her, it would be the second best kid on the island.

Will came back around sunset saying they had found the path to the Slumbering One. Elder Jonathan had asked to be left alone there and not to be disturbed until he returned.

August 1, 1923

Three men have disappeared overnight. A search party around the island discovered nothing. Those actively looking have deduced the only place they may be is with Elder Jonathan. They return shortly after setting out, beckoning all of us to see.
There was a chasm. Surrounding it was smooth green stone, seemingly all in one piece forming a ring around the hole. In front of the crowd was a massive altar, circular with stone tentacles reaching out. Will had a shocked look on his face and told me this structure wasn’t here two days ago. There’s no way this could have been built in such a short time.
Elder Jonathan proclaimed that our brothers had sacrificed themselves to receive the blessing of the Slumbering One and that we were graced with this altar and will have an abundant harvest in return.

I’m beginning to feel anxious again.

August 15, 1923

The food here seems to be abundant. Crops grow quickly and disproportionately large. Hogs started to appear as well. Again, with the weird fish taste.
Will told me that she saw someone walking through the village, but it wasn’t someone he recognized. He said it was much taller than any one of us and although there wasn’t a lot of light, he could have sworn it wasn’t wearing any clothes, and that it had gray skin. He did see that whoever it was, they were talking to someone behind the corner of another house.
Caroline was also getting better at reading her dad’s book. She said it was the history of Nemo Point and she thinks she saw something in there about large creatures from the sea, but she couldn’t quite translate it directly.

August 20, 1923

I’m late. I can’t wait to tell Will the big news! It’ll be his birthday surprise tomorrow. William Greene if you read this I swear I will punish you somehow!!!

Caroline is missing. I intend to confront Jonathan about this.

Found a note placed under our front door. It’s from Caroline. She said managed to read more of her father’s tome. She said she learned how to ensure Will and I would have a child and she was going to go forward with the plan. She didn’t specify what it was. I truly hope she didn’t do what I think she did.

Went to the Altar looking for Jonathan, he was nowhere to be found. There was a large splattering of blood, however.

Can’t rest until Caroline or Jonathan are found.

August 21, 1923

Was awakened by knock at door in the dead of night. Caroline was on the other side holding hands with an aberration of a man, tall, grey skin, I think there may have been scales and gills. Eyes were pale, pale grey.

“This was what I told you about with my note. This is C’thralla.” She proceeded to tell me that he is what’s known as a Deep One, and they’ve been known to weave certain aspects of reality itself, aka magic. He only required a blood sacrifice. Since she had a Dream of what Elder Jonathan intended to do (which she didn’t go into), she figured he’d be the best choice.

Both relieved and terrified, but also quite tired from sleep-deprivation, I told her I should take her home. C’thralla said something and headed toward the beach. Caroline giggled and thanked him in a language I’ve never heard. I asked what he said only for her to start being vague and telling me not to worry. I took her to her very relieved parents who thanked me profusely. I gave her a fake scolding and told her not to wander off like that again. She turned and smiled. Perhaps the Slumbering One is watching out for us all. I could have sworn her eyes were silver before I turned away.

March 15, 1928
No, no, no, no, no!!!! The Slumbering One absolutely wasn’t looking out for us! What have we done?! What ha-

„The Journal of Mrs. Greene” by EM Borg