On a serene island, surrounded by lush forests and murmuring seas, a mysterious group of people appeared. Their arrival was unannounced, and the helicopter they arrived in drew the interest of the local community. Without a word, they boarded a truck waiting for them on the beach and headed into the depths of the forests, away from prying eyes.

The journey through the forest was long and winding, until they finally reached a place where the earth seemed to exhale dark mysteries. At the heart of the dense foliage, hidden among mighty trees, a fissure in the ground lay open, as if some powerful force from the depths of darkness sought to break free. Some in the group felt fear, while others felt excitement – something extraordinary awaited inside.

They decided to descend into the depths, apprehensive yet simultaneously fascinated by what they might uncover. As they went deeper, they were enveloped by an increasingly dense darkness and chill. The mist hanging in the air had an otherworldly quality, as if it harbored the souls of those who vanished in these shadows centuries ago. Rain began to fall from the sky, striking the leaves and tree roots like streams of hot blood, while the mud on the ground clung to their boots as if trying to stop anyone daring to approach these cursed woods.

Finally, they reached a place that human eyes should never behold. R’lyeh – a city forgotten by time and humanity, the abode of ancient powers that made even the bravest hearts tremble. The walls of the structures seemed to pulse with their own life, and the air was thick with the scent of old mysteries and forgotten fears.

Deep within the city, where sunlight never reached, an impenetrable darkness reigned. The mist hanging calmly in the air had something inhuman about it, as if it concealed the souls of those who vanished in these shadows centuries ago.

The last of the remaining group, leaving this accursed city, understood that R’lyeh was not a place for humans, that its secrets surpassed the bounds of human understanding, and that those who ventured too far were doomed to eternal disappearance in the shadows of eternity. And the city still waited, patiently, for the next unsuspecting souls to dare enter its depths.

Years passed, and the events at R’lyeh faded into the realm of myth and legend. The island resumed its tranquil existence, seemingly untouched by the darkness that had once threatened to consume it. Yet, just when it seemed that peace had settled over the island for good, a series of inexplicable occurrences began to unfold.

Strange phenomena plagued the islanders: mysterious disappearances, eerie whispers in the night, and sightings of shadowy figures lurking in the shadows. Rumors swirled once again, stirring up fears long thought forgotten.

And then, on a moonless night, as the winds whispered secrets through the trees and the waves crashed against the shore with an ominous rhythm, a lone figure emerged from the depths of the forest. Clad in tattered robes and bearing an aura of otherworldly power, they spoke of ancient prophecies and impending doom, warning of a darkness that threatened to engulf the world.

As the islanders gazed upon the mysterious figure, their hearts filled with dread, for they knew that the terrors of R’lyeh terror of R’lyeh had been awakened and was merely biding its time, waiting for the perfect moment to rise again.

And so, the fate of the island hung in the balance, teetering on the brink of oblivion as the ancient forces of R’lyeh stirred once more, ready to unleash their wrath upon the unsuspecting world.

Delilah Hunter, „Echoes of Despair